Thematic Tours

The Genuine Thematic tours are itineraries and guided visits that we organize around a specific theme to discover Galicia in a unique way.

Genuine Galicia also designs customized tours with different themes.

The duration of the itinerary and selected themes can be very varied, do not hesitate to get informed to design a personalized tour.

Genuine Galicia organises numerous thematic itineraries throughout the year that revolve around the following themes:

  • Wine and gastronomy
  • Landscape and Nature
  • Etnography, craft and industry
  • Monumental Tours
  • Literary and artistic tours
  • Camino de Santiago/ Other Ways
  • Miths and legends
  • Essence of Galicia
  • Tours for special events or seasonaly tours
  • Others

Below you can see our predefined tours although you just have to get in touch to organize a tailor-made experience.

Our thematic tours: