Visits and tours in Ribeira Sacra

The Ribeira Sacra is a territory vertebrated by several canyons and rivers, among which the Sil and the Miño stand out. The area is a destination to visit for the exuberance of its nature and rugged canyons, the presence of its numerous romanesque monasteries and churches, but also for the enormous monumental wealth such as pazos, fortresses, Romanesque, ethnographic buildings and viticulture. The area is one of the 5 designations of origin of Galicia, in which mostly red wines are produced. The Ribeira Sacra is known for its heroic viticulture, due to the enormous effort that winegrowers make in producing wine with grapes that grow on slopes with an unusual degree of slope.

  • KIND OF TOUR: Customized tour
  • DURATION: Variable. One day or more.
  • HOUR OF DEPARTURE: to agreeing
  • OBSERVATION: The route becomes personal for every client for the numerous variants that it can have
  • INCLUDED: Official Guide + Income to museums and monuments
  • TRANSPORT, ACCOMODATION, LUNCH: OPTIONAL OPTIONAL Can be managed with our partners
  • INDIVIDUALS: Ask for conditions and prices.. Customized Itineraries. Adapted duration.
  • GROUPS: Customized Itineraries. Adapted duration. Request group rates.
  • LENGUAGES: Français, italiano, english, deutsch, português, others(request).


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