Visits and tours in O Ribeiro and Carballiño

The routes go through the entire region of Ribeiro and Carballiño, to discover extensive vineyards and the magnificent heritage made up of Romanesque churches, pazos, or monastic farms.

We will visit the towns of O Carballiño, the capital of the octopus of Galicia, and Ribadavia, which belongs to the Net of Spanish Jewish Quarters (Red de Juderías Españolas: Caminos de Sefarad). In the area, many towns are of interest for their historical complex, among them we highlight Pazos de Arenteiro and Cea, both originating from the Middle Ages

The monuments in the area are very numerous, more than 90 pazos (local palaces), innumerable Romanesque churches, hillforts such as the impressive castro de San Cibrao de Lás, monuments such as the Cistercian monastery of Oseira, or that one of Melon, the Monastery of Leiro or the modern church of la Vera Cruz.

This is the region where O Ribeiro wine is produced, one of the oldest Denominations of Origin in Spain, there are more than 100 wineries and many are open to visitors.

Regarding landscapes, the region is a wine area, its towns are authentic wineries and the environment is a landscape with the memory of its wine greatness, although it preserves native forest spaces such as the Ridimoas Forest.

It is necessary to highlight the thermal springs that sprout in places like Prexigueiro, Partovia or Berán. The area has numerous facilities to enjoy its benefits, like spas, hot springs, sources or natural springs.

Gastronomy and Ribeiro wine: Carballiño, is the capital of the octopus, the place where the most pulpeiras are in all of Galicia and where the gastronomic tradition of octopus à feira is born. The town of Cea, produces bread with Protected Geographical Indication, its origin dates back to the Middle Ages. The Arnoia peppers, a delicacy that celebrates its party every summer in the town of Arnoia, and which have an intense flavor, but there are more local sweets such as galician donuts, cream canes, Sephardic pastries … which perfectly accompanies a toasted wine from Ribeiro.

To discover the area, do not hesitate to participate in our visits!

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  1. Highlights Ribadavia and Carballiño in 1 day.
  2. Heritage tour through O Ribeiro-Carballiño
  3. Visit the town of Ribadavia
  4. Visit the town of Carballiño
  5. Tour through the Ribeiro villages
  6. villages and monumentos in the area
  7. Romanesque and Preromanesque tour
  8. Landscape of Ribeiro and Carballiño
  9. Ethnography and crafts in the Ribeiro-Carballiño area
  10. O Ribeiro and Carballiño with the 5 senses