A tour guide is a person who is professionally dedicated to guided tours. There are different guides:

  • The route guides or transferguides , They assist the traveler and take care of the logistical issues of the trip or trips and the well-being of the group. Sometimes they give brief explanations of the surroundings during the trip. In Galicia, these guides cannot make monumental visits, or accompaniments in BIC places if they do not have the card / license that enables them to carry out the activity in the Autonomous Community of Galicia.
  • The official guides, also calledGuides Heritage Interpreters or local guides. They are people trained, graduates or with an official degree in Tourism and who have the Qualification / Guide Card (without it you cannot exercise). These people must carry their identification in plain sight, with the professional registration number.
    • In Spain the professional card is issued by the tourism government of the community or province. Qualified persons, authorized to carry out the activity of guide, have the minimum legal cultural knowledge for the exercise of the profession and speak several languages, their card is a mandatory legal requirement for the control, regulation and exercise of the activity of guide.
    • Official guides from other areas of the European Community can process a license for any area of Europe, provided they meet the requirements of local administrations.

The collaborators of this company are all official guides and must carry the card in sight. In specific receptive services, accompanying people to a specific place, without a visit, an unofficial person can accompany, but it is something exceptional and punctual, because the service does not require it, being indicated to the client and accompanied by a lower cost.

Contact through our website, email, contact form or telephone and choose the tour, area or type of visit you want to make. Indicate also the day and duration, as well as for how many people the requested service is. After that I will contact you to outline your visit,customize it for you and then send you the budget and the description of the service.

Prices vary depending on the number of people, it does not cost the same for 2 people as for 9 or 45. The duration of the service and the destination you have chosen are also taken into account. Request your budget without obligation to purchase. We suggest a customized visit, according to your budget.

  • Services and products A LA CARTE etc … tailored and personalized. Suggestions depending on the geographical area (Geodestination) that interests you and / or dpending on the subject. More information: The CUSTOMIZEDRoutes of Genuine Galicia.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE products and services. Ask us for information, we have numerous proposals that are renewed throughout the year. You can also decide to join one of our EXCURSIONS or SEASONAL visits that you will see announced in the seasonal visits section on the front page of the website.
  • CUSTOMIZED services and Products You have several options: You can pay on the day of the visit or make a prior transfer through the bank account that is sent to you. We adapt to your needs.
  • SEASONAL AND ALL INCLUSIVE VISITS: Payment conditions are specified in each season route, experience, etc.
  • CUSTOMIZED Services and Products The meeting point and the time is decided with the guide, depending on the itinerary, your time, where you are staying … In high season we have in some areas, visits and excursions with fixed departure and fixed time, find out on our website , mail or social networks.
  • SEASONAL VISITS and ALL INCLUSIVE: the meeting point will be specified in each Excursion or visit.
  • CUSTOMIZED Services and Products In visits to towns and cities, no vehicle is needed, unless you hire a panoramic view of the city or its surroundings. In the rest of the visitsit is necessary to have transport, car, bus etc … If you do not have a vehicle, do not worry, we look for the solution that you like the most.
  • SEASONAL AND ALL INCLUSIVE VISITS: In our all-inclusive visits or excursions, you only need to get to the meeting point by yourself and enjoy the trip.
  • CUSTOMIZED services and Products When a client hires a tour he agrees to attend the visit, and the contracted company undertakes to provide the service. The cancellation conditions for each visit or excursion will be specified in each service.
  • SEASONAL VISITS and ALL INCLUSIVE: The cancellation conditions for each visit or excursion will be specified in each season and / or excursion / visit.
  • CUSTOMIZED Services and Products A visit can be modified as long as it does not compromise anyone else, nor the rest of the participating clients, nor the professionals or entities that provide the services. Do not hesitate to call, if you want to modify the tour, we will indicate if it is possible or not and the changes that it implies: costs, itinerary etc …
  • SEASON VISITS and ALL INCLUSIVE:No modification possible.
  • Servicios y Productos A LA CARTA Debes informar inmediatamente a la empresa a través de nuestro teléfono de contacto o a la persona que te realice la visita. It is possible that the increase of participants is not possible, for reasons of logistics, services etc … We will inform you. If the number of people decreases, it is possible that this implies a change in the costs of the tour.
  • SEASONAL AND ALL INCLUSIVE VISITS: if there is a variation in the number of participants in the visit or excursion and this affects you, you will be informed as soon as possible of the details, feasibility or changes in the excursion or visit.
  • CUSTOMIZED Services and Products When you hire the tour, you will be asked for your personal information and a contact telephone number, so that the guide knows who he is providing the service to. The guide needs you to introduce yourself.
  • SEASONAL AND ALL INCLUSIVE VISITS: At the beginning of the excursion or tour you must deliver the voucher or ticket that is sent to you or the proof of payment of the same, indicating your name to the guide.