A tourist guide is a person whose profession is to provide guided tours. There are different types of guide:

  • Tour managers or escorts accompany travellers and take care of the logistic aspects of the trip, as well as the transfers and wellbeing of the group. Sometimes they provide brief explanations about the surroundings during the trip. They cannot conduct visits to monuments if they do not hold the certification of official guide.
  • Official guides, also called heritage interpretation guides or local guides, are people with formal training, who hold a university degree or an official certificate in tourism as well as certification as guides and a guide licence (they cannot act as guides without this). These people must carry their professional ID in a visible place. Professional licences are issued by the tourist authorities of the autonomous community or province. The people approved and authorised to carry out the activities of a guide have the minimum cultural knowledge required for the profession under the law and speak several languages. Holding a licence is a compulsory legal requirement for the control, regulation and performance of a guide's activities.

The people who collaborate with this company are all official guides and must carry their licences in a visible place. Unofficial individuals may assist during the sporadic provision of services consisting in receiving people and accompanying them to a specific place, with no visit being made, but this is something exceptional and sporadic as the service provided does not require that official authorisation be held. The client is notified of this and these procedures entail lower costs.

Please contact us through our website (link to the payment gateway), at our email address or by phone and choose the tour, area or type of visit you would like. Kindly also state the date and duration, as well as the number of people the service is intended for. I will get in touch after that to better define the specific details of your visits and send you a quote and a description of your visits.

Prices vary depending on the number of participants. The cost is not the same for two people and for nine or forty-five. The length of the service is also to be taken into account. Please ask us for a no-obligation quote. We will propose a personalised visit that is,  tailored to your wallet.

You can choose between two categories of visit when you contact us:

  • Bespoke, personalised VISIT/GETAWAY. Suggestions depending on the geographic area (geodestination) you are interested in and/or the theme of your choice. For more information, please check our bespoke, personalised Genuine Galicia routes or our getaways.
  • VISITS/EXPERIENCES. Feel free to request more information. We offer multiple experiences that are renewed over the year. You can also decide to join one of our excursions or seasonal visits, which you will see announced under the section about seasonal visits.

Once you have seen our proposed visit, you may need somebody to organise the full trip for you, including accommodation, restaurants and transport. Do not worry – we work with travel agencies to meet whatever requirement you have.

Bespoke, personalised VISITS: There are several options available to you. You can pay on the day of your visit or make a bank transfer in advance to the bank account that will be provided to you. We will adjust to your needs.

All-inclusive VISITS: Payment conditions are specified for each seasonal route, experience and others.

  • Bespoke, personalised VISIT/GETAWAY: The meeting point and the schedule will be decided with the guide depending on the itinerary, the time available to you, the place where you are staying and other factors. During the high season and for certain areas, we offer visits and excursions with set departures and schedules. Please find out more on our website, by email or on our social networks.
  • All-inclusive or SEASONAL VISITS: The meeting point will be specified for each excursion or visit.

  • Bespoke, personalised VISIT/GETAWAY: No vehicle is needed for visits to towns and cities, unless you have contracted a panoramic tour of the city or its surroundings. For the rest of visits you will need some means of transport, like a car, a bus or others. If you do not have a vehicle, do not worry: we work with travel agencies, transport companies and taxis that can provide a vehicle for you.
  • All-inclusive or SEASONAL VISITS: As these are all-inclusive visits or excursions, all you need is reach the meeting point by your own means and, after that, just enjoy the visit.

  • Bespoke, personalised VISIT/GETAWAY: When a client contracts a tour, they undertake to attend the visit, just as the hired company undertakes to provide the service. In the event that you cannot attend the visit for any reason, the tour can be cancelled with a minimum of 48 hours' notice. If you cancel the tour with 24 hours' notice, a 50% charge will be collected. With less than 24 hours' notice, the full cost of the tour will be charged.
  • All-inclusive or SEASONAL VISITS: The cancellation terms and conditions of each visit or excursion will be specified for each season and/or excursion/visit.

  • Bespoke, personalised VISIT/GETAWAY: A visit can be changed provided that this does not affect any of the parties or the rest of participating clients, or the professionals or organisations providing the services. Please do not hesitate to make a call if you want to change your tour. I will let you know if that is possible or not, and what modifications it implies in terms of costs, itinerary and others.
  • All-inclusive or SEASONAL VISITS: No change may be made.

  • Bespoke, personalised VISIT/GETAWAY: You should immediately inform our company by calling +34 675 558 545, or notify the person conducting the visit. An increase in the number of participants may not be allowed for logistic or service-related reasons or others; we will let you know. If the number of people decreases, this may imply that you have to assume the costs of altering the tour.
  • All-inclusive or SEASONAL VISITS: If there were any change in the number of participants in the visit or excursion and this affected you, you will be informed in detail of the feasibility or departure of the excursion or visit.

  • Bespoke, personalised VISIT/GETAWAY: When you contract a tour, you will be asked to provide your personal details and a contact telephone number so that your guide will know who they are providing the service to. Your guide will need you to introduce yourself.
  • All-inclusive or SEASONAL VISITS: At the start of the excursion or tour, you should produce the voucher or ticket you will be sent, or proof of payment for the excursion or tour. You should also tell your name to the guide.