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  • A Coruña, Customized

    A Coruña is the so-called Crystal City, famous for its modernist architecture and its traditional carved wood galleries on Avenida de la Marina. Many were those who wanted to conquer it, Romans, English, French … Today it is a city … Read More
  • A Limia and Celanova – Baixa Limia, Customized

    This is an area of Galicia where we will find a large concentration of megalithic monuments, Roman ways such as the Vía Nova, pre-Romanesque monuments over 1000 years old, villas of poets or towns of the bustling “entroido” or carnival. … Read More
  • Ancares and Courel – Lugo Mountain, Customized

    On the way to las Pallozas Description: Majestic and elegant are the mountains of eastern Galicia. In them, pure forms of life survive, typical of times past and traditions rooted in the land. The beauty of the environment and the … Read More
  • Costa da Morte, Customized

    The limit of the Atlantic Europe “A Costa da Morte” brings together in its name all the strength and bravery of the Atlantic and the courage of its people. On this spectacular coast is the Finisterrae, the place where the … Read More
  • Monterrei, Verin y Viana, Customized

    The area of Monterrey is on the limits with the province of Zamora and Portugal. It is a wine region, on the Ruta de la Plata, Camino de Santiago. The region sits in a deep valley and is linked to … Read More
  • Mountains of Ourense : Trevinca, Manzaneda and Valdeorras, Customized

    Monuments, wine from the valley and mountains, forests, skiing and industrial heritage … In this wonderful area you will discover incredible castles, churches and sanctuaries, vestiges of the cultures and peoples that have passed through here: Romans, Germans, Arabs, pilgrims … Read More
  • O Ribeiro and Carballiño, Customized

    INTRODUCTION: The routes go through the entire region of Ribeiro and Carballiño, to discover extensive vineyards and the magnificent heritage made up of Romanesque churches, pazos, or monastic farms. We will visit the towns of O Carballiño, the capital of … Read More
  • Ourense and Allariz, Customized

    The visit to the area of Ourense and Allariz will take us to visit a great monumental heritage and great natural wealth due to the passage through these valleys of numerous rivers, such as the Arnoia, Miño or Barbaña rivers. … Read More
  • Pontevedra, Customized

    This city has a historical-monumental area of great beauty, which we will visit on foot to appreciate its squares, fountains, emblazoned houses, churches and its characteristic streets with arcades that will always put us in good shelter, from the sun … Read More
  • Rías Baixas – Albariño and seafood tour, Customized

    Description: “As Rías Baixas”, defines the entire coast from the Ría de Muros / Noia to the South, the mouth of the river Miño. This area of Galicia is famous for its beaches, its good climate and its wines, mussel … Read More
  • Ribeira Sacra, Customized

    The Ribeira Sacra is a territory vertebrated by several canyons and rivers, among which the Sil and the Miño stand out. The area is a destination to visit for the exuberance of its nature and rugged canyons, the presence of … Read More
  • Santiago de Compostela and its area, Customized

    Santiago de Compostela, a World Heritage Site, the administrative and cultural capital of Galicia. It is together with Rome and Jerusalem one of the three eternal cities of the Christian world, but it is also a modern and cosmopolitan city. … Read More
  • Vigo, heart of the Rías Baixas, Customized

    It is the so-called Olive City of Galicia. Vigo is great, beautiful, and this was understood by all the peoples, writers, pirates and merchants who passed through those lands, leaving the mark of their presence. Today Vigo is modern, it … Read More