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  • Ancares and Courel – Lugo Mountain, Customized

    Majestic and elegant are the mountains of eastern Galicia. In them, pure forms of life survive, typical of times past and traditions rooted in the land. The beauty of the environment and the rich ethnographic and gastronomic heritage, make this place a destination to discover. Do you want to feel how time stops? Here the “slow” life is something natural.

  • City of Lugo and Terra Chá, Customized

    Lugo is the ancient Lucus Augusti, the great Roman capital of Galicia, with many remains, such as the Wall, a World Heritage Site, the Thermal Baths or the Roman Bridge. From the High Middle Ages it preserves many monuments of its history, of great interest: churches, streets, squares, palace and the Cathedral with its Virgen de los Ojos Grandes. Enjoy its tapas, and all the monumental and natural wealth of the Terra Chá environment.

  • Mariña Lucense, Customized

    La Mariña Lugo is a natural spectacle and a sublime coastal landscape, ornamented with a beautiful and important artistic-cultural heritage.