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  • Atlantic Galicia – Cost of Galicia, customized

    Galicia has 1500 km of coastline, it is the region of Spain with the longest length of land that borders the sea, that’s the reason why Galicia’s connection to the sea is so important. Our guided tours and routes want to show you this union and wealth that we have on the Galician coast.

  • Camino de Santiago and Other Paths – The paths of Galicia, customized.

    Galicia gathers one third of all the place names in Spain, the population dispersion has favored the appearance of a rich toponymy of villages and towns that communicate with a complex layout of modern roads, but that preserve their old roads, used along of the centuries for the daily tasks and the meeting of its neighbors.

  • Hidden Monasteries and Sil Canyon – Ribeira Sacra

    Route through the hidden monasteries of the Ribeira Sacra del Sil, accompanied by an official guide, to learn about the birth of spiritual life and history of the Ribeira Sacra. Visit to the Benedictine and / or Cistercian monasteries of the Ribeira Sacra, with a monumental and natural interpretation of the environment, anecdotes and curiosities. Varios itinerarios disponibles.

  • Inland Galicia, customized

    Galicia is a community that still has a lot to discover, especially some areas further away from the capitals on the coast and inland areas of our community. The local heritage and traditions are a real surprise! In the tours that we organize, we show the richness and value that the interior has, those genuine forms and customs, which remain and we want to care for and preserve, with sustainable tourism that benefits locally and provides authentic sensations to those who visit us.

  • The Silver Way and Saint James Way in Ourense, Customized

    The Silver Way is one of the official pilgrimage way that lead to Santiago de Compostela. This “camino” begins in Seville, crossing the peninsula from South to North to Santiago de Compostela. Its route exceeds 900 km. of which more than 200 pass through the Galician Community.