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  • A Limia and Celanova – Baixa Limia

    This is an area of Galicia where we will find a large concentration of megalithic monuments, Roman ways such as the Vía Nova, pre-Romanesque monuments over 1000 years old, villas of poets or towns of the bustling “entroido” or carnival. … Read More
  • Experiences in Galicia

    From Genuine Galicia we are in contact with professionals from diffrent sectors such as food, crafts, relaxation, adventure who help us to propose attractive experiences for you on our itineraries. Si te apetece hacer, sentir o conocer algún oficio, sector … Read More
  • Inland Galicia-The green Spain

    Galicia is a community that still has a lot to discover, especially some areas further away from the capitals on the coast and inland areas of our community. The inland of Galicia has a great variety of landscapes, we can … Read More
  • Monterrei, Verin y Viana

    The area of Monterrey is on the limits with the province of Zamora and Portugal. It is a wine region, on the Ruta de la Plata, Camino de Santiago. The region sits in a deep valley and is linked to … Read More
  • Mountain of Ourense : Trevinca, Manzaneda and Valdeorras

    Monuments, wine from the valley and mountains, forests, skiing and industrial heritage … In this wonderful area you will discover incredible castles, churches and sanctuaries, vestiges of the cultures and peoples that have passed through here: Romans, Germans, Arabs, pilgrims … Read More
  • Ourense and Allariz

    The visit of the Ourense and Allariz area will discover us a great monumental heritage and great natural wealth due to the passage through these valleys of numerous rivers, such as the Arnoia, Miño or Barbaña rivers. In the area … Read More
  • The Atlantic Galicia-Atlantic Coast of Spain

    Galicia has 1500 km of coastline, it is the region of Spain with the longest length of land that borders the sea, that’s the reason why Galicia’s connection to the sea is so important. The Galician coast is very varied, … Read More
  • Thematic visits and routes through Galicia

    We design customized tours with different themes, discover Galicia with unique itineraries, such as those indicated below: Wine and gastronomy Landscape and Nature Etnography, craft and industry Monumental Tours Literary and artistic tours Camino de Santiago/ Other Ways Miths and … Read More
  • Visits and Didactic Routes through Ourense and Galicia

    We carry out all kinds of routes adapted to different ages so that our students can learn while enjoying an excursión outside their study center: We do: Discovery visits of our villas, cities or surroundings Thematic visits that can be … Read More
  • Visits and tours in O Ribeiro and Carballiño

    The routes go through the entire region of Ribeiro and Carballiño, to discover extensive vineyards and the magnificent heritage made up of Romanesque churches, pazos, or monastic farms. We will visit the towns of O Carballiño, the capital of the … Read More
  • Visits and tours in Ribeira Sacra

    The Ribeira Sacra is a territory vertebrated by several canyons and rivers, among which the Sil and the Miño stand out. The area is a destination to visit for the exuberance of its nature and rugged canyons, the presence of … Read More
  • Visits to the historic city of Ourense

    Guided tour of the main places and monuments of the city of Ourense, the hot springs of “As Burgas”, the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral (Exterior and Interior and Cathedral Museum, churches, pazos and squares of the old city of Ourense.