Dear traveller, welcome! Welcome Atlantic Europe limit!

I would like to invite you to Galicia, to the green Spain. Galicia is sea, land, food, heritage, nature and kind people. Feel what is most genuine about our culture and our environment.

What is Genuine Galicia?

Genuine Galicia is a website for visits and tours across Galicia (Northwest of Spain) which was developed by Rosa Dorado, a professional tour guide of Galicia since 2004. In Genuine Galicia you will find:

  • Experience and professionalism. we have been working in tourism since 2004.
  • Trust and honesty.
  • Care and unique products.
  • Care and unique products.
  • Our commitment to you, to the environment and to sustainable tourism.

What do we offer you?

We offer you visits through the Genuine Galicia company, which specialises in visits across inland Galicia.

  • We offer guides, guided visits, in different lenguages (english, français, italiano, português, deutsh, castellano, galego, and others)
  • Bespoke routes for groups and individuals.
  • Theme tours:gastronomy, monuments, world heritage, handycraft and local products…
  • Excursions and seasonal routes (spring, carnivals, grape harvest, chestnut …). Consult website
  • Customized routes Itineraries and personalized visits.
  • Educational visits for schoolchildren and students.
  • We offer experience products in Galicia.
  • Getaways to northern Portugal and areas close to Galicia (El Bierzo, Sanabria and others), .

We are qualified professional guides from the Xunta de Galicia. We comply with current legislation.

We speak several lenguages: english, français, italiano, português, deutsch, galego and español. We can have guides in other languages, contact us.

What is our philosophy?

Genuine Galicia is a brand that promotes responsible, sustainable quality tourism.

Genuine Galicia participates in creative tourism, eco and emo tourism, social and cultural tourism and nature tourism projects.

We are committed to people, to society, to the environment and accessible tourism.

We believe in positive tourism, which fills you with memories of places, tastes and local experiences; a type of tourism that brings you closer to cultures, the environment and people; a type of tourism that turns us into travellers, giving precedence to hospitality, personalised attention and service quality.

We are lovers of our work and we are involved with our land.

Who is Rosa Dorado?

My name is Rosa Doradoand I have been working in the tourist industry since 2004. My love of history, art, nature and people have driven me to focus my business in the world of tourism.

I have training in different fields related to the arts, humanities, languages, group management and tourism. I am an official guide of Galicia since 2006 to conduct visits in Galicia and show you the least known, most genuine parts of our land.

I am an official guide of Galicia since 2006 to conduct visits in Galicia and show you the least known, most genuine parts of our land.

I speak several languages, also spanish and galician.

As a professional, I belong to different organisations and associations in the field of tourism, including the Asociación Profesional de Guías Turísticos de Galicia (Galicia Professional Tourist Guide Association) CEFAPIT (Spanish Confederation of Federations and Professional Associations of Tourist Guides), and to FEG (European Federation of Tourist Guide Associations) and the WFTGA (World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations). I also belong to PROTURGA, which is the Asociación de Profesionais do Turismo de Galicia (Galicia Tourist Industry Professional Association) and I am a member of the Ruta del Vino Ribeiro/Ribeiro Wine Route and a RASGO guide of the Red de Juderías de España – Caminos de Sefarad(Network of Jewish Quarters in Spain – Routes of Sefarad).

The fellow guides who work with me and Imyself are local guides of Galicia and tourist industry professionals authorised to exercise our profession by the Government of Galicia.

Our clients are most diverse: private individuals, travel agencies, hotels, rural homes, spas, governmental agencies, companies, primary and secondary schools, universities, associations and groups of all sorts. We provide guided services in different languages, including Galician, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and others (please ask us).

Discover the Genuine Galicia!